Don't ever let an airplane take you someplace where your brain hasn't arrived at least a couple of minutes earlier. - Andy Anderson

We have the planes, pilots, and camera equipment to give you that unique photo of you flying in your plane!  It will look great framed in your office.  How about poster-sized photo of you hanging on your hangar wall for all of your friends to be jealous of?

  • Personal portraits of you flying your plane.
  • Marketing Photos
  • Document a test flight.
  • Capture a special event or moment in your flying career.

We use top of the line camera equipment, which results in very high quality photos you'll be proud to own.

We take safety measures from the way we maintain our equipment to how we communicate with you.  We will give you a pre-flight briefing to provide a safe flying environment for everyone.

We will have a commercial pilot flying our plane and the photographer is also a pilot and will communicate to the photo pilot to position the planes.