Photographer - Jack Fleetwood

I've been a pilot for over half of my life, and always enjoy getting off the ground.  I've also been a photographer for many years and would occasionally snap a photo of my friends while we were flying.  I quickly found I loved the results and my friends were happy to have the photos.

I was recently invited to be a volunteer photographer for EAA at Airventure 2017 and had a blast!

My goal is to get you photos that you'll be proud to display and we'll always do it in a safe manner.  No photo is ever worth compromising safety.

Photo Pilots

I have several photo plane pilots that are experienced and work well with me.  They will keep us all safe, scanning for traffic and keeping us safe from obstacles.  

We also have a variety of planes at our disposal, including a Cessna 170, a Cessna 210, and even rotorcraft.



Our Business is Making You Look Good!


We want this to be a great experience for you.  Yes, we want your business, but we also want your repeat business and need your referrals.  

Make sure to let us know what you want and we'll help to make sure we get it right!